Planning, sticking to the plan, and having the flexibility to adjust if necessary are what we do best. We work with our clients to build long-term, integrated communications strategies that support their business objectives, with the ultimate goal of helping our clients grow. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ team: immersing ourselves in their issues and challenges, so we can plan effectively and react quickly.


The challenge of marketing communications is to help build a client’s brand or reputation with the people that really matter. We are particularly good at distilling complex issues or situations and crafting them into straightforward language and compelling stories. Using a variety of communications tools (including speeches, letters, social media, brochures, flyers, videos, ads, press releases and more), we deliver clear and consistent messages to our clients’ target audiences and ensure they get the reaction they are looking for.

Employee and
Stakeholder Relations

Your employees and stakeholders are your best ambassadors. But, too often, they are an afterthought in a communications plan. We understand the benefits of an engaged, informed and loyal employee base – not only in times of crisis but also in helping you grow your organization. We are specialists in developing employee communications, engagement and change management plans, as well as in engaging key stakeholders through tailor-made communications tools and activities.


Clients count on us when they are under fire, no matter what the challenge. When they hit an unexpected bump in the road, we provide them with strategic and sensible action plans that allow them to focus on their business while protecting their reputation and brand. We anticipate potential crises through realistic threat assessment, which is informed by knowledge of government and stakeholder reactions. Our crisis communications services include media and stakeholder management, media and stakeholder communications and news conferences.

Media Relations

Editorial coverage builds our clients’ reputations faster than any other communications vehicle, and we use every medium, including print, broadcast, and the internet, to showcase their stories. We’ve been pitching stories for more than 30 years and have built long-term relationships with those who create the content that influences our clients’ target audiences. We have developed relationships based on trust and respect with Canada’s national, regional and local media. We also offer spokesperson training: coaching our clients to put their best foot forward in interviews by preparing them for standard questions and the inevitable curve balls. We teach our clients’ spokespersons to use the best language to get their messages across strongly and clearly and we make sure they understand what motivates and informs the work of journalists.

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An effective social media presence takes time. We know this first-hand. Our social media management packages let you get back to the business of running your business while giving you the unparalled strategic communications experience of our team. Your objectives are our guide. We keep it simple and focus on the tactics that actually make a difference. Click here to see our social media packages.

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